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  • Fluke Multimeter: multiple measurements combined for fast, accurate work.
  • Fluke clamp meter: for cramped workspaces, simple to use, gimmick-free.
  • Fluke Multimeter: multiple measurements combined for fast, accurate work.
  • Fluke ground and earth tester: protects against electrocution, fire and other hazards.
  • Fluke installation tester: for reliable connections, to help ensure safety and meet electrical codes, engineering standards and local standards.
  • Fluke insulation tester: designed to be safe, simple to use and gimmick-free
  • Accessory Finder: get the perfect match for your Fluke tool.
  • Fluke Thermal Imaging: accurate and precise problem locator helps you troubleshoot where you need to.

We design our tools to the highest standards – yours. Customer input is a central part of Fluke tool engineering and design. The challenges you face every day are the challenges we aim to solve with our tools. Take a look behind the scenes at new products being created:

  • We visit our customers for their input at their workplace.
  • We use a prototype lab, where products under development are molded and machined for testing after concept.
  • We have a safety lab, for rigorous testing to ensure all products comply with industry safety standards. Strict tests measure accuracy and reliability, and stress-tests ensure that the end result is a tool that performs and protects.
  • We experiment a great deal to get to the best tools: watch our experimental process and see how we try to separate the display from the main measurement

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