INNO instruments headquartered in South Korea is one of the leading brands in the Fusion Splicer Industry. Inno Instrument offers best solutions when it comes to Fusion Splicers, Stripper, Cleavers, and Accessories. As a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier, It has attained profound technical expertise and has become one of the favorite choices of the buyers across India and abroad. The complete range of products we provide includes Optical Fusion Splicer, High Precision Cleaver VF-15H, Electrode Instrument, Instrument Connector, 3 In 1 Stripper, Optical Fusion Splicing Machine and Fiber Optics Cleaver Tool.

INNO Core Values

Doing justice to their slogan ‘You Dream, We Design’ INNO Instrument continues to grow as a global company, with customer satisfaction and quality being its first priority. Keeping in mind the needs and demands of the Information age, INNO Instrument is continually strengthening competitiveness in their technical skills, innovative product launches and services. Since 2013, INNO Sales in domestic and international market has increased dramatically.

Making the world a better place by providing best value to our customers

SPI Engineers Private limited is now the Exclusive Distributor INNO Make Optical Fiber Fusion Splicers and & its related Optical Fiber Preparation Tools & accessories. With this Collaboration SPI aims to significantly contribute in revolutionizing the Fusion Splicer industry.

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