Data Acquisition and Test Equipment

Data Acquisition and Test Equipment

Get the data you want, where, how and when you want it. Fluke gives you a broad choice in data acquisition for process monitoring and laboratory test systems. You can choose a stationary or portable data logger. Transfer data to internal memory, to a removable memory card, or to your PC. Choose a standalone or distributed networked units. And you can expand your system from 20 to 1,000+ channels, depending on the series.

Data acquisition equipment

All Fluke data acquisition products feature unique, built-in universal signal conditioning and a plug-in Universal Input Module to enable you to measure virtually any type of signal without having to purchase extra equipment. Plus, powerful, easy-to-use Windows®-based software supports easy configuration, advanced trend analysis, professional- quality reporting, and enables you to quickly build human-machine-interfaces without any programming.

Bench instruments

Fluke designs and manufactures bench instruments in a wide variety of product categories. Besides their use on the bench, these instruments have several characteristics in common as you will find below:

  • Each bench instrument is accurate and provides precise information. They reflect the professionalism of the people who buy and use them.
  • Each is reliable, dependable, and rugged.
  • All are easy to operate. Many owners of Fluke bench instruments say that the controls are intuitive and help them work more efficiently.
  • These bench instruments are compact and easily transported, but they are also multi-functional.
  • You will find that these instruments are a good value, particularly when compared against other tools for their cost/function ratio.

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